The Passionate Sounds of the Rainforest

by The Ned

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Recorded by Jim DeVito at Retrophonics Recording Studios in St. Augustine, FL.


released February 14, 2017

The Ned:



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The Ned Palm Coast, Florida

We are a Rugrat/ punk/grunge/rock band from Palm Coast.

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Track Name: Paint The Dog
Revenge will be mine when you cross the line
Time for thieving yes it's time to steal

Paint the dog red
Track Name: Inside My Head
I need you in my life
cause I think soon...that someday I'm going to die...alone...just me
without a... peep
of my friends, I'm too tired, so I'd rather sleep instead
me inside my head...
Can you hear me, from inside of my head,
I can't swim in my head,
i keep falling in. I can't fit in my skin,
I'm only done when I'm on my bed
I'll be there instead,
me inside my head!
Sometimes somethings they don't make sense to me
sometimes somethings that you say to me
and when i try to make sense to me
i am lost and i know nothing

I count my walls and i count my ceiling
i'll pick the scab when it stops bleeding
for distance i guess i'm done
for instance well it's been fun

to he i see every-things weird
to be feared i think she's clear
i try to keep my head in the clouds
but even in the darkest silence everything still seems loud

I'm so
Track Name: Aunts and Uncles (Polka)
Chasing the sun but don't stare at it too long.
And we're dancing around till our skin starts to burn.
chasing the sun and we stare at it too long.
And we're dancing around till it's poisonous.

Well I was chasing the sun and I've been staring too long and it points it fingers at me till the skin starts to burn, well I've been chasing the sun but don't stare at it too long. Counting down your days to come there's nothing in your skin but poison!!